University Profile

  • Located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
  • 3rd Largest university in UK
  • Founded in 1843
  • Students strength 37000

Sheffield Hallam University emerges as a school of art in 1843 and over the century it’s the Britain top school of art and design. Later in 1969 it’s merged with the City’s College of Technology to form Sheffield Polytechnic. In 1992 Sheffield City Polytechnic became Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), with the right to award its own degrees.


Like the rest of the United Kingdom, the climate in Sheffield is generally temperate.  The west of the city can create a cool, gloomy and wet environment. Weather in Sheffield city is cooler in winters (December through March) and warm in summers (April to September).


Sheffield Hallam University is located in the Sheffield city, a metropolitan borough of south Yorkshire, England. University is located in the industrial city of England. Sheffield is a geographically diverse city. The city nestles in a natural amphitheatre created by several hills and the cleanliest city in the UK. Sheffield city is famous for its green environment and the safest city.


Sheffield Hallam University offers more than 760 courses in both undergraduate and Postgraduate. SHU covers almost every subject in each program. It has more than 37000 student’s strength, which make it the third largest university in UK.

SHU is divided into the four faculties in undergraduate and postgraduate studies:

  • Faculty of Arts, Computer, Engineering and Sciences (ACES)
  • Faculty of Development and society (D&S)
  • Faculty of Health and wellbeing (HWB)
  • Sheffield Business School (SBS)

SHU offers top up program to students who wish to transfer their credit hours to UK and complete their degrees at an international university.